EARTH WEEK: “Tyranny of Small Actions”


Save the Bees!  Bees Awareness

“Look around campus for facts about bees and learn how you can make a difference in this issue.”

Food Waste!

“FREE Screening of DIVE! The Film”

5:30pm- 6:30pm

Campus Courtyard

 “From Junk Trunk to Treasure Chest” Bartering Event

Bring clothes or old junk to trade with fellow Poets”


Lower Quad

Read about it in the Quaker Campus:

“Hike in Whittier Hills”

Meet outside in the Campus Inn Parking Lot at 1:30pm

“Tour of the Greenberg Garden”


“The Environment and Los Angeles”

Join RAE to help clean the Santa Monica beach!

9:00am- 2:00pm


When Activism & Leadership Meet


As my freshman year at Whittier College came to a close last year, I had mix emotions. I was drained from the continuous all nighters, relieved that finals were over , grateful that I was one step closer to that bachelors degree, content that I met differently amazing people who had become my friends, excited for the start of my second year in school, but most of all, eager. Eager because I knew I wanted to put my ambition to work and make a positive, long-term change at Whittier in the upcoming semester. What I honestly did not know was how much change would happen in a span of thirteen weeks in the Fall Semester of 2010 and the milestone it would set in my life.

I was always interested in the INTD Leadership courses offered at Whittier, but never looked into them, since I assumed it was only for those who were interested in attaining a Residential Advisor position. It was not until my work-study boss, Tea Bogue, approached me at the beginning of the semester and suggested (or more like told me) I should take the course. She said it would allow me to develop my leadership skills and understand the competencies that make up a leader. And well I agreed, and here I am with this website and its connection to the required Competent Leadership Portfolio, also know as CLP.

I decided to use a website to create my portfolio rather than the usual methods of PowerPoint or poster boards because it is a new skill I acquired this semester. Also as a strong advocate for the environment, using a website reduce my use and reliance on paper.

In my CLP, I will address six different competencies which include Effective Meetings, Fiscal Responsibility, Project Management, Service, Verbal Communication, and Written Communication. The competencies are arranged in alphabetical order and are given an individual web page which includes all the necessary information and supporting documents.



“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river. “ ~ Ross Perot, American businessman and former United States Presidential candidate.

In my eyes, a leader is an intelligent, open, passionate, positive, driven, and respected individual who has the ability to inspire and bring together a group of people in order to achieve a common goal.

A true leader is not someone who just dictates to others on what to do. They are just as involved in hard labor and not so seemingly “pretty” aspects just as anyone else. They do not gain leadership positions for the fame and fortune, but with the overall mindset to create change.

Leadership often demands sacrifices including their time, money, and sometime friends. But it is often required in order to reach their goal and commit one hundred percent to their responsibilities.

Depending on the area, leaders have the roles of overseeing a group of people and making sure those individuals get along with one another. They also have to make sure that working is getting done and their group is moving forward to their common goal. Leaders ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their opinions in group meetings or at any given opportunity. Leaders are also the main speaker and representative of the group, so they must be presentable and set a positive example.

I have been involved in leadership type activities since the age of eleven beginning with my involvement in an elective class, where students were taught the basics of leadership in the 6th grade. My main purpose of enrolling in that class was for it to be a stepping stone into student government for that year. I spent the two semesters working with teachers and becoming involved in activities at the school. Though I did not win the student government position of Commissioner of Student Activities that year, I did become the point guard of the girl’s basketball team the following semester, where we won the league championship (The first time in fact in over 20 years).  And in 8th grade, I finally gained that position in student government as the Commissioner of Health & Safety.

In high school, the involvement in activities only grew and my leadership continued to develop. By the end of my high school career, I was a 4 year member of the Speech & Debate team, 4 year member of MESA (Math Engineering Science Academy), 4 year member of AVID (Advance Via Individual Determination), 4 year member of MESA Leadership, 3 year member of the environmental club, 3 year member of Girls’ League, 2 year member of AVID Leadership, 2 year member of Science Olympiad, one year member of Campus service club, and one year member of the Academic Decathlon team. In these organizations, I served everything from President to historian to treasurer. These activities put my leadership skills to the test from areas varying from problem-solving to gaining the trust and respect of my peers. And at Whittier, I have only grown more.

At Whittier, I believe that with the support of the staff, friends, and especially faculty, I have developed the most as a leader. I have peers and professors who I can look up to and go to for advice of situations. My job and club activities have put these newly gained leadership skills to the test.